The EIS-Group initially began as an Engineering Services Company and with in a short span of time we succeed in expanding our operations and establishing ourselves in a highly competitive market in U.A.E , QATAR , OMAN ,SAUDI, BAHRAIN, EGYPT , IRAQ, KOREA, EUROPE . Following our achievements to a gateway for total solutions in Oi l , Gas, Petrochemical, Power and Industrial sectors.

EIS brings together the most comprehensive product/supply package solutions for
the Oi l & Gas, communication and industrial sectors in Middle East. Based in U.A.E and Qatar, EIS and its group of companies brings to you more in project sales. This means total market understanding and smooth project progress. One ofthe principal advantages in dealing with EIS is - a total gateway to solutions.



The company employs highly experienced engineers and business management graduates from major accredited International Universities. EIS' professional sales team brings rich and varied experience available in the industry.

EIS personnel are regularly sent to suppliers for product orientation and training to keep pace with developments and up-grade their skills for serving the customers. Sales team is ably support by professional Sales Administration, Finance, Purchasing, Shipping and expediting departments for on time order execution and project completion.



This division caters to the requirement of Oil, Gas, Petrochemical Refinery, Power
and Industrial Projects. A wide diversified product range from Valves to Stainless
steel & CS Pipes, Fittings, Flanges, Structural Steel Materials, Forged Pipe Fittings, High grade plates, Gaskets, Graded Bolts and Studs, Industrial Pumps, Rectifiers & Accessories, Pneumatic Wrenches, Lifting tackles, Cutting Tools, Hydraulic Jacks & Equipments and Industrial Tools.

Our Quality Policy


“We at Energy and Industrial Solutions (FZC) Sharjah, are committed to meet the demand of our customers and satisfy them by supplying quality Engineering Products / Services on time as per technical specification & customer requirement and improve continually by implementing effective Quality management System”
Energy & Industrial Solutions is committed to provide quality products and services,   which   consistently   comply with the requirements or exceed the expectations of our client, for the quality and performance.
We achieve this by establishing effective systems, procedures, and continual improvements in all areas of our activities.
We ensure that our personnel are properly trained so they are better able to serve our customers.
We aim to achieve this by:


                   >> Achieving customer satisfaction beyond their expectation.
                   >> Continual improvement of Quality Management System.
                   >> Periodic review of effectiveness and suitability  of the system
                   >> Assigning Objectives for departments and periodic review of achievements.
                   >> Comply to applicable standards, specifications and contractual terms and conditions
                   >> Comply with local / Federal government laws and statutory requirements applicable to our business

Energy & Industrial Solutions management ensures that the Quality Policy is communicated and understood to all employees and is available to relevant interested parties. Management reviews the Quality Policy, quality objectives in the review meeting to determine the policy’s and is appropriate to the purpose and context of the organization and supports its strategic direction, and actions to address the risk and opportunities.


Environmental Policy Statement


The Board of Energy & Industrial Solutions is committed to both the protection of the environment and evaluating the impact that the organization’s services can have.

Compliance with legislation is the minimum standard to which the company shall adhere. The company shall also endeavor to follow best practice with due regard for business needs, in line with the requirement and the expectations of all interested parties. The objectives for the company under the policy are to:

  1. Reduce the carbon footprint of the business

  2. Reduce the energy consumptions

  3. Minimize the production of all types of waste, especially paper. Encourage reuse, recycling and the disposal of other waste that cannot be avoided, in a responsible manner

All Directors will be responsible for communicating and implementing the policy and will ensure that:

  1. Employees and contractors are encouraged to be respective to the personal impact they can have on this policy and to report areas of concern

  2. Training is provided as part of staff development taking in to account responsibilities

  3. Efforts are made to minimize travel by maximizing IT systems

  4. Favor the use of suppliers who are committed to environmental good practice

  5. Carton offsetting is implemented, that as a minimum, is commensurable to the level of the business travel

  6. Pollution is prevented in all forms, especially from the electrical equipment

  7. All incidents detrimental to the environment are reported, investigated and action taken to prevent reoccurrences

The Directors are committed to continually improving its performance by regularly reviewing its environmental impact and on an annual basis, update this policy in line with the review findings



The company accepts its responsibilities for providing a safe working environment for its employees and subcontractors working on construction sites under its direct control. In all other situations the Company will conform to the requirements of the Main Contractor’s safety policy. The Board of Management intends the following Policy to represent the Company’s commitment to Health and Safety.



  1. The Company shall conduct its operations in such a manner as to ensure the Health, Safety and Welfare of workers on the project. This includes Company staff and visitors Subcontractors, Consultant affected by its operations.

  2. Every effort will be made to reduce the possibility of accidents by giving the same emphasis to safety as is given to other management functions.

  3. The personal responsibility for the safety rests with the line management of the company, and safety is considered a prime factor of its duties. Every employee who supervises or directs the work of other shall use his best efforts to assure safety of each employee under his supervision and in addition shall be responsible for the protection of property and equipment within the area of responsible.

  4. The company shall comply with all the laws of the local government and willingly cooperate with those responsible for enforcing them.

  5. Provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions in accordance with statutory regulations.

  6. Provide the necessary safety training for all employees. Sub-contractors are responsible for ensuring that their employees are competent and have received safety training appropriate to site working procures.

  7. Provide all safety devices and protective equipment necessary and supervise their use. Subcontractors are responsible for their own employee’s personal protective equipment. Hard hats will be worn when the site is designated a ‘Hard Hat Area’ and notices will be displayed.